5 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Dentist Business

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The aim of this article is to provide you with 5 little changes that are bound to make a large bit of difference with dentist business

Begin a Dental Blog

This can be a great way to transform your Biloxi dental practice. You can have content that broaches important topics on dental health and hygiene such as: “what is the best toothbrush to use for sensitive teeth?”, “How frequently should I go to the dentist?”, “does activated charcoal work?”.

If you do not have these sorts of articles on your site, then you are definitely missing out on a great opportunity to amass massive traffic to your website. Patients are always searching for answers to their question, and it can be a great opportunity for your practice to answer those questions and then transform what was an enquiry into an appointment.

To drive traffic to your site, you have to publish content that does the following:

Your content has to be able to correct an assumption. Most people do not go to the dentist because they believe what they are doing to be right. For instance, most people believe you only go to the dentist when you are in pain and this should not be so.

Your content should be able to foster good habits. This enables you to take advantage of the healthy living trend going on at the moment. People are always searching for ways to become healthier and flossing and brushing are just some of the seamless ways to do so.

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You have to ensure that your Google my business page is optimised and updated

Optimising your GMB google my business page is a small way to instantly give your business a boost. When you optimise your page, you do yourself a huge favour as you are able to immediately entice more patients. This is done via the local listing. The local listing can be defined as the location-based search that appears when someone googles “dentist in Biloxi”. This brings up the Local Pack from google, highlighting the dentists within the area. This Local Pack actually accounts for about 44% of all the clicks that drive traffic to a business’ website on google. To update your google my business
page, you have to enter the following:

 The category of your business
 Your phone number
 The description of your business
 The operating hours
 A review section
 Your address
 The area you service

Make sure your website and your blog posts are optimised for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of curating the content on your website to ensure that search engines are able to comprehend and find information on it better, which then results in your page displaying higher in related query search results. For you to be a success, you will have to do the following:

 Ensure that your website loads under 3 seconds
 Have a website that is mobile-friendly
 Your website has to be secured
 Your website has to be full of high-quality content
 A consistent social media presence

Fix your website up

Would you want to go to a dentist’s office that appears to be located in a sketchy back alley somewhere filled with outdated equipment and dim lighting? Well, that might be what your website looks like to someone searching for your services in Biloxi. This just goes to how that first impressions are extremely important and patients do not want to go to a place that appears to be a human trafficking hub. Your website is the very first place patients can interact with your practice, and that means they are bound to make an assessment of your business on what they see on your site. it has been proven that at least 48% of individuals claim that the design of a website was the most influential factor in them deciding if a business was credible. What this means, is that as your
page loads, people make a decision. You should add the following to your updated website to show patients that you mean business:

 Online bill payments
 Online scheduling
 Messaging capabilities enabling patients to communicate with their dentists
 Prescription renewal
 Dentist profiles
 Dental content that helps to maintain great dental health

While the above are nice features, it is imperative that your website is not only fast but secure. Nobody wants to spend forever waiting for a webpage to load and that could turn off any potential patients. It is also important that it is secure. As an added bonus you should make it mobile friendly as the majority of people in the world today tend to do the bulk of their internet browsing on their mobile devices.

You should publish shareable media and posts on social media

This ties in with having a social media presence. Most businesses in Biloxi, believe that all you have to do is open a twitter account and you have a social media presence. You have to use that account to interact with the world. A way of doing that is to share content that people would love to share and show to others. Your social media pages should be able to bring entertaining and valuable content to others. This goes a long way when you consider that over 40% of people say that sharing enables them to spread the word about a particular product, potentially expanding your business’s reach.

To do this you can create basic infographics. Infographics are wonderful as not only are they seamless to read, they are also enjoyable and have the potential to sway on the fence patients.

You can create videos which highlight what it is you do and the patients you interact with. People in Biloxi desire a dentist that is trustworthy, and reviews, as well as testimonials from others, go a long way to breed trust. You could also post before and after pictures of patients showing the work you do and the transformation patients have by simply coming to you for their dental health.

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